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Video: Are genetically modified foods ‘unnatural’?

Know Ideas Media | 
It's such a simple question. Naturally, the answer is far more complex than it ought to be. We've always messed ...
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Video: Are GMO crops and organic farming necessarily at odds?

Know Ideas Media | 
GMO vs Organic... The ultimate food fight right? Not really. Lots of GMOs could be grown organically, and lots of ...
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Talking Biotech: Know Ideas Media gives scientists platform to discuss future of food and farming

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Canadian filmmaker Nick Saik is taking the 100+ hours of footage he recorded for his Know GMO documentary and turning ...
Talking Biotech: 'Know GMO' documentary fights food fears, misinformation with science

Talking Biotech: ‘Know GMO’ documentary fights food fears, misinformation with science

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Filmmaker Nick Saik's 'Know GMO' documentary builds dialogue on food science and farm technology ...