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Can scientists keep white nationalists from misusing population genetics research?

Science | 
Stormfront and similar online forums, as well as the comment sections on “alt-right” news websites and Twitter accounts, regularly host ...
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Ancient DNA analysis reveals Botai hunter-gatherers first domesticated horses

Science | 
[W]ho first domesticated horses is a hotly debated question. One leading hypothesis suggests Bronze Age pastoralists called the Yamnaya were ...
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Native American ancestors arrived from Asia in a wave, not a trickle, suggests ancient DNA

Science | 
A rare smidgen of ancient DNA has sharpened the picture of one of humanity’s greatest migrations. Some 15,000 to 25,000 ...
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Is life a ‘cosmic accident’ or do humans have a higher purpose?

Psychology Today | 
Does humanity exist to serve some ultimate, transcendent purpose? Conventional scientific wisdom gives the answer as a definitive no. … According to [physicist Lawrence ...
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Recording bees’ buzzing could help farmers identify, count beneficial pollinators

Science | 
Like jets radioing in their call signs to air traffic control, bees’ buzzing could help scientists know who’s pollinating what ...