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francis mojica

Meet Francisco Mojica, the scientist who first discovered CRISPR in a Spanish salt marsh

ABC News | 
Professor [Francisco] Mojica grew up near the Mediterranean port of Santa Pola in Spain, a region famous for its salt ...

Newly discovered human bones bring evolutionary timeline into question

New Scientist | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Two controversial discoveries from ...

Obesity linked to birth order, with highest risk in eldest siblings

New Scientist | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis.  Your position in your ...

DNA exonerates humans for giant sloths’ extinction, climate change to blame

New Scientist | 
New forensic DNA evidence is painting a detailed picture of the death of the world’s megafauna – and it suggests ...

Attractive men bring out gambler in less-sexy males

New Scientist | 
There's nothing like the sight of a rival to embolden a man, it seems. If you want a straight man ...
what color dress gold white blue black color blind why do i see twitter tumblr

Dress drama: Blue and black or white and gold? What’s the science?

New Scientist | 
What color is the dress? A Tumblr user uploaded a picture of a dress, saying that they were having an ...

Ancient skeleton’s DNA sequence one step closer to universal ancestor

New Scientist | 
He died later than Socrates and Aristotle, but a man who fished along the coast of southern Africa is the closest ...

Some people with Alzheimer’s brain plaques rev up cognition to compensate

New Scientist | 
It's one of the biggest mysteries of Alzheimer's. The disease is associated with the formation of protein plaques in the ...

GM yeast can replace poppies in producing opiates

New Scientist | 
Severe pain? Reach for the yeast. Genetically engineered yeasts can now efficiently produce a range of opiates, including morphine and ...

Leukemia type can be detected by the shape of DNA’s packaging in nucleus

New Scientist | 
When someone has leukaemia, differences in how their genome is folded up into the nucleus of their cells can reveal ...

Depressed people may produce too much of a damaging neuroprotein

New Scientist | 
Post-mortem analysis of brain tissue has shown that the dendrites that relay messages between neurons are more shrivelled in people ...

Severe childhood stress ages chromosomes decades

New Scientist | 
Children growing up in severely disadvantaged circumstances can experience drastic chromosome ageing. By the time they are 9 years old ...

Map of how DNA controls cells may boost gene therapies

New Scientist | 
The clearest map yet of how genes control cells to make our bodies work has been drawn up. The map ...

Giant leaps of evolution make cancer cells deadly

New Scientist | 
The complex invasion of multiple body tissues that occurs when cancer metastasizes is driven by huge leaps of evolution. Maybe ...

Crime-scene DNA extracted from single hair

New Scientist | 
You wouldn't expect forensic teams to waste valuable evidence. But it happens all the time, though perhaps not for much ...