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Just one head injury could ‘tangle’ proteins in the brain, leading to Alzheimer’s

Science Alert | 
A single serious knock to the skull could be all it takes to develop the nerve damage thought to be ...

7 ways CRISPR gene editing is changing the world

Science Alert | 
Here are a few ways researchers are already using [CRISPR] to make the world a better place; 1. Produce transplant ...
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Virus dangers: Zika, SARS, dengue, 24 others could be transmitted through semen

Science Alert | 
A dig through the literature has uncovered evidence of 27 distinct viruses from a wide variety of families capable of ...
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Sleep to forget: Downtime helps our brains refine, sharpen memories

Science Alert | 
[W]hile scientists have long understood that our memories rely on connections being built between neurons in our brains, it's not ...