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Gynandromorph: Spectacular bird found with male plumage on one side and female on the other

Carly Cassella | 
Split down the middle, with one side flaunting yellow 'wing pits', and the other side rocking a pink underwing, researchers ...
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Have humans hit an evolutionary wall? Top scientists offer their views

Eva Hamrud | 
Our Stone Age ancestors who were faster runners avoided being trampled by mammoths and were more likely to have children ...

Freud was right – dreams are a distorted continuation of reality

Peter Dockrill | 
Whereas ancient civilisations may have interpreted dreams as having supernatural or spiritual origins, in modern society, we're more likely to ...

Russia birthplace of 500-year Black Death plague, genetic analysis suggests

Peter Dockrill | 
The Black Death was only the beginning. Countless millions perished in this terrible early wave – an estimated 60 percent of Europe ...

Just one head injury could ‘tangle’ proteins in the brain, leading to Alzheimer’s

Mike McRae | 
A single serious knock to the skull could be all it takes to develop the nerve damage thought to be ...

New cancer-fighting strategy: Coaxing breast cancer cells to turn into harmless fat cells

Jacinta Bowler | 
Researchers have been able to coax human breast cancer cells to turn into fat cells in a new proof-of-concept study ...
unprotected sex

Attracted to men and women? Our sexual orientation can undergo ‘extensive’ changes as we age, and more so in women, study says

Carly Cassella | 
The vocabulary we currently use to describe sexual orientation is hopelessly inadequate, with labels like 'gay', 'straight' and 'bi' falling ...
1-23-2019 brainnet featured brain eeg brain signal

Three’s company? BrainNet successfully connects trio’s brains and thoughts

David Nield | 
Neuroscientists have successfully hooked up a three-way brain connection to allow three people to share their thoughts – and in ...
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DNA analysis shows ‘everyone had been wrong’ about mysterious Siberian unicorn

Michelle Starr | 
It didn't look much like the dainty unicorns of myth and legend, but the extinct unicorn of Siberia is even ...
LymphSlide web

Newly discovered ‘micro-organ’ could lead to innovative vaccines

David Nield | 
Researchers have identified a brand new 'micro-organ' inside the immune system of mice and humans – the first discovery of ...

7 ways CRISPR gene editing is changing the world

Mike McRae | 
Here are a few ways researchers are already using [CRISPR] to make the world a better place; 1. Produce transplant ...

Strange case of the man with a ‘large black hole’ in part of his brain

Michelle Starr | 
When an 84-year-old man in Ireland showed up at the doctor with complaints about being unsteady, the team found a ...
Child Filbert Age Illinois

Some cases of autism may have epigenetic origins

Peter Dockrill | 
Scientists have discovered a swathe of biochemical regions that look to be deeply involved with the risk factors behind autism spectrum ...
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Preventing GMO gene flow: Scientists design synthetic species that can’t breed with wild counterparts

Peter Dockrill | 
Genetically modified organisms could potentially do a lot of good for the world, like ending the spread of diseases, or maybe ...

Cuddling may change your baby’s epigenome, improve their immune system over the long term

David Nield | 
The amount of close and comforting contact that young infants get doesn't just keep them warm, snug, and loved. A ...
scarab beetle thirs eye full inset

Genetically engineered three-eyed beetle could aid development of lab-grown organs

Michelle Star | 
Researchers have intentionally genetically modified a common beetle to develop a third functional eye, right in the middle of its ...
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Virus dangers: Zika, SARS, dengue, 24 others could be transmitted through semen

Mike McRae | 
A dig through the literature has uncovered evidence of 27 distinct viruses from a wide variety of families capable of ...

Dramatic cancer treatment? ‘Command’ center targeted using CRISPR gene editing

David Nield | 
The CRISPR gene-editing tool has already shown a lot of potential for helping doctors treat the most stubborn diseases, and ...
Early Embryo

‘Needle in a haystack’: Researchers glimpse mutations in first two cells as embryos develop

Signe Dean | 
For the first time, scientists have caught a glimpse of the earliest genetic mutations in human development. Using whole genome ...