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Microbiome could be key to better blood sugar control

Scientific American | 
Researchers from the Weizmann Institute in Israel analyzed the gut microbiome of 800 people. They also hooked these folks up ...
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FDA cracking down on unregulated dietary supplements, which it contends are almost all ineffective

Scientific American | 
The FDA recently announced that it plans to increase its oversight of the multi-billion dollar supplement industry. This would include ...
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Audio: New FDA pesticide residue study confirms America’s food supply is safe

Scientific American | 
The FDA recently released its annual Pesticide Residue Report. As pesticides are one of the things people worry most about, I ...
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4 CRISPR gene-edited foods coming soon to a grocery store near you

Food & Nutrition | 
Genetic researchers working with gene editing, along with farmers and growers, are excited about the potential for CRISPR technology to ...