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Viewpoint: How ‘lazy journalists’ helped anti-pesticide biologist Tyrone Hayes needlessly scare the public

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What do you do when....someone asks to see the raw data that your dubious claims are based on? This was ...
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Viewpoint: How monarch butterflies exposed the hypocrisy of anti-GMO Greenpeace

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In the past, I have asked....two very silly sounding questions toward Greenpeace. Why do they like watermelons? And why do they like grapefruits? As ...

Can you be a skeptic and anti-GMO?

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[Editor’s note: Myles Power is a chemist in Manchester, England.] Over the past year, I have been giving a talk to ...
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Greenpeace’s ‘double standard’ on lab-created seedless watermelons and GMOs

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[Editor's note: Myles Power is a chemist in Manchester, England. Read the GLP profile of Greenpeace here.] Last year [2016], I ...