Capitalizing on corona: Conspiracy theorists blame COVID-19 on glyphosate, GMOs and the ‘New World Order’

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With a quarter of the world’s population currently in lockdown, time has never been better for ….. frauds, as they desperately try to shoehorn their particular flavor of conspiracy and quackery into the current crisis.

Some, like Vandana Shiva …. are master manipulators who eloquently weave the ongoing pandemic into their narrative, to further radicalize their rabid fanbase …. Others, however – like MIT senior research scientist and fruitcake Stephanie Seneff – are not so skilled.

[Editor’s note: Read Viewpoint: Anti-biotech activist Vandana Shiva says GMO soy caused the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s why she’s wrong to learn more.]

…. Despite not having any medical training …. this computer scientist not only believes she is more than qualified to comment on the current crisis, but also that she has found circumstantial evidence linking it to – you guessed it – glyphosate.


Having said that, Seneff’s work seems worthy of publication in an esteemed journal when compared to the recent ramblings of English conspiracy theorist David Icke ….

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Essentially, David believes that a board of shadowy figures …. have decided to propel humanity towards an Orwellian global fascist state, or New World Order, using the fifth generation of wireless communication technology. David claims that the radiation produced by 5G masts “poisons cells”, preventing them from absorbing oxygen, leading to death.

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