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Customized biotech yeast could make more plant-based proteins and replace artificial food additives

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A Brazilian biotech start-up is custom-designing novel, natural yeast strains that can be used to make plant proteins, replace artificial ...
trade war

Excessive regulation, trade wars may give rise to black market for biotech crops, experts say

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The rise in global trade wars and the recent EU decision to classify new plant breeding techniques (NPBTs) as genetically ...
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CRISPR gene editing and other New Breeding Techniques (NBTs) face opposition from organic industry

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Can organic and non-GMO agriculture offer innovative, tech-based solutions for our food system – or does hope lie in new ...
Bid to ban potentially misleading non-GMO, other 'free from' labels rejected by European Parliament

Bid to ban potentially misleading non-GMO, other ‘free from’ labels rejected by European Parliament

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An Italian member of the European Parliament has had a motion to ban certain free-from claims on the grounds they ...
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European consumers think non-GMO, other ‘free-from’ labeled foods are healthier

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Free-from labelled foods seem healthier, with GM-free and palm oil-free labels having the strongest effect, according to a study of ...
GMO label doesn't deter European companies' interest in new soybean oil with less saturated fat

GMO label doesn’t deter European companies’ interest in new soybean oil with less saturated fat

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DuPont Pioneer's soybean oil Plenish has been approved for the EU and, despite having to label on pack it as ...

EU reauthorizes glyphosate herbicide-resistant GMO sugar beets for import, but not cultivation

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European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) scientists have cleared a genetically modified sugar beet developed by Monsanto and KWS for reauthorisation ...

How will consumers react to products labeled GMO, eco-friendly?

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