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We each have 3 billion base pairs in our genome. Artificial intelligence can help us sort it out.

Wired | 
Genes carry the information that make you you. So it's fitting that, when sequenced and stored in a computer, your ...

Dementia, Alzheimer’s linked to soda — and why you shouldn’t worry about it

Wired | 
If you didn’t know better, you’d think Alzheimer’s disease is the plot of a bad horror movie: A creeping silent killer steals ...

Physicists plan to use people’s DNA in ‘interstellar beacon’ to attract intelligent life

Wired | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Space is either infinite, or ...

Modern genetics could bring back mouth-watering strawberries

Wired | 
Think about the best strawberry you ever tasted. Sweet, with a flavor that’s a greater-than-the-sum mix of overripe peach, underripe ...

Taco Bell, Pizza Hut go natural, but no one knows what that really means

Wired | 
Last week, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut both announced they are going natural. Goodbye Yellow-5. Ciao trans fat. Sayonara unsustainable palm oil. “Today’s ...

Are designer babies really in the near future?

Wired | 
Ever since in vitro fertilization made it possible for parents to select embryos with the best genetics, precisely-engineered progeny have been ...

Doomed mammoth-cloning attempt foiled by cosmic rays

Wired | 
Hwang Woo-Suk is the bad boy of genetics. He’s most famous for falsely claiming to have cloned human stem cells ...

Lucky fourth leaf: Mutation in clover DNA still a mystery

Wired | 
So you lost your job and your life’s a mess. You’re fat, you’re broke, you’re bad at sex. You’re looking at ...