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Freud was right – dreams are a distorted continuation of reality

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Whereas ancient civilisations may have interpreted dreams as having supernatural or spiritual origins, in modern society, we're more likely to ...

Russia birthplace of 500-year Black Death plague, genetic analysis suggests

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The Black Death was only the beginning. Countless millions perished in this terrible early wave – an estimated 60 percent of Europe ...
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Some cases of autism may have epigenetic origins

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Scientists have discovered a swathe of biochemical regions that look to be deeply involved with the risk factors behind autism spectrum ...
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Preventing GMO gene flow: Scientists design synthetic species that can’t breed with wild counterparts

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Genetically modified organisms could potentially do a lot of good for the world, like ending the spread of diseases, or maybe ...
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Astronauts may need to tweak their DNA in order to survive, colonize Mars

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[W]hile making the trip [to Mars] could be technologically feasible in the next decade or two, are humans really physically ...