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This gene gets blamed for migraines and a litany of other health issues. Reality is more complex

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The story of the MTHFR gene shows that genetics is a probabilistic science ...

Why marijuana might not be such a great weapon to fight opioid addiction

Genetic Literacy Project | 
The opioid crisis is an ongoing national tragedy. One commonly suggested response is cannabis. But emerging state and national statistics ...

When the nose never knows: Exploring the genetics behind a missing sense of smell

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Imagine life without odors. Food tastes the same regardless of how congested your nasal passages are or how damaged your ...
opioid addiction

Can a genetic test predict risk of opioid addiction?

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The opioid crisis is an ongoing tragedy, with fatal overdoses costing thousands of lives each year. Although opioids are an ...

Chasing the genetic origins of ‘burning man syndrome’

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Imagine a scorching pain in your hand or foot, as if from a hot coal. Imagine just a light touch ...