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What do medical experts say about Black NFL players’ lawsuit claiming discrimination on dementia diagnoses

Philadelphia Inquirer | 
The question of adjusting cognitive test scores arose this week when two Black former NFL players filed a lawsuit alleging that the ...

Here’s how to join a COVID-19 vaccine trial

Philadelphia Inquirer | 
Vaccine makers are going to need thousands of volunteer testers over the next few months. As with any clinical trial, ...

Who gets the first vaccines? Elderly? Front-line workers? Vulnerable minorities?

Philadelphia Inquirer | 
Someone will have to decide which of the world’s 7.8 billion people gets first crack at returning to a more ...
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Cubs’ Bill Buckner succumbed to Lewy body dementia and Ted Turner is battling it. How it’s different from Alzheimer’s

Philadelphia Inquirer | 
Bill Buckner, the famed Boston Red Sox hitter who also famously missed a ground ball during the 1986 World Series, ...
4-15-2019 x

Heavy drinking, alcoholism are ‘not the same thing’, genetic study shows

Philadelphia Inquirer | 
A huge analysis of drinking patterns among veterans has found genetic distinctions between heavy drinkers and alcoholics, according to a ...