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Real life Jurassic Park? Recovered prehistoric DNA raises prospect of resurrecting species

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Even before Jurassic Park became a staple of pop culture in the early 1990s, geneticists have been on the hunt ...
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Can we immunize our food supply the same way we combat deadly diseases with vaccines?

Genetic Literacy Project | 
In 16th century China, physicians found that inoculating healthy individuals with pus or dried scabs from someone infected with smallpox, ...
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Salt tolerant plants are on the horizon – and critical to address the looming crisis of a shortage of arable farm land

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An important study brings us one step closer to cultivating crops in previously infertile soil ...
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Here’s what you should know about disease-fighting GMO mosquitoes

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Media references to Jurassic Park and 'mutant hybrid insects' are based on a thorough misunderstanding of this effective technology ...