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Klotho: Is prescribing a drug to supercharge the brain a good idea?

Massive | 
One of the most intriguing molecules out there is called Klotho. Identified in , it’s named for the Fate of ancient Greek ...

Jumping genes: How Barbara McClintock won a Nobel Prize by crossbreeding corn

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Through meticulous crossbreeding, she showed that DNA is far more complicated than scientists originally thought ...

Here’s the thing about hallucinations: They’re not ‘categorically good or bad’

Massive | 
As late as the 18th century, hallucinations in their various forms were considered independent diseases or syndromes. In 1821, Alexis ...

Genetics of socialization revealed through study of rare Williams Syndrome

Genetic Literacy Project | 
One of the things that makes us human is how we socialize with one another. What drives our social behavior ...

Boosting brain research by growing ‘mini-brains’ to model human disease

Genetic Literacy Project | 
'Mini-brains' grown in petri dishes could offer new possibilities for studying disease ...
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