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Here’s the thing about hallucinations: They’re not ‘categorically good or bad’

Yewande Pearse | 
As late as the 18th century, hallucinations in their various forms were considered independent diseases or syndromes. In 1821, Alexis ...
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Video: Ethical considerations when using CRISPR gene editing

Nadja Oestelt | 
This animation was produced by Massive and the Director of Sciences at Pioneer Works, Janna Levin. The beautiful animation was hand-cut and ...
Cast Fee for Little Shop of Horrors LLHS Dallas Texas

Viewpoint: Are plants conscious? New York Times bungles story about how anesthetics can ‘sedate’ a plant

Devang Mehta | 
[T]he New York Times [recently] ran a story on a scientific paper about how anesthetics stopped motion in plants with a provocative headline for readers and ...

Bugs as food? They may have played a role in our evolution

Darcy Shapiro | 
Editor's note: Darcy Shapiro is an evolutionary anthropologist at Rutgers University Did you know that what your ancestors ate affects your ...
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‘Cancer causing’ BRCA genes are often misunderstood

Rachel Aronoff | 
Some of the first genes identified as risk factors for cancer, the BRCAs (BReast CAncer genes) are really about much ...
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Human Cell Atlas: The quest to build biology’s periodic table

Josh Peters | 
Realizing the need and potential for an atlas of all human cells, two scientists, Aviv Regev and Sarah Teichmann, have ...
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‘Müllerian mimicry’: Gut microbes ‘speak the language’ of your immune system

Melanie Silvis | 
Müllerian mimicry is a well-studied phenomenon, particularly in butterflies, in which completely unrelated species come to display the same patterns ...
Non-antibiotic sepsis-fighting drug could save millions of lives

Non-antibiotic sepsis-fighting drug could save millions of lives

Devang Mehta | 
The state of Odisha (formerly Orissa) in southeast India is perhaps not the first place you’d expect to find a ...
alcohol and academics pic source medimoon com

Alcohol addiction: Can we blame our ancient ancestors?

Irene Park | 
[M]illions of years ago, being able to consume alcohol was likely vital to survival: our ancestors evolved to metabolize booze right around ...

Warm thoughts? Treating depression with whole body hyperthermia

David Haggerty | 
[Editor's note: David Haggerty is a neuroscience graduate student at the Indiana University School of Medicine.] A collaborative effort, led ...
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Innovative CAR-T cancer treatments offer cures–and sometimes high risks

Kevin Pels | 
[T]here’s a reason CAR-T is reserved for [cancer] patients that fail to improve under front-line treatments: it comes with horrid side ...
Label It Yourself GMO Labeling x q crop smart

Viewpoint: Proposed GMO labeling laws too vague to benefit consumers

Andrew Scarpelli | 
Knowing simply whether a food is modified does not actually protect consumers...Different crops and modifications come with different biological, health, ...