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Attack of the killer tomatoes

| | April 4, 2013

The following is an excerpt.

GMOs can be engineered to do lots of great things, such as better withstand climate extremes, resist pests and pathogens, and pack more nutritional punch. And indeed, Monsanto’s “transgenic” products have substantially enhanced agricultural and horticultural efficiency, leading to increased yields, reduced costs, and fuller bellies. Unfortunately, they have also implicated Monsanto (along with the Illuminati and Colonel Sanders) in an international conspiracy to enslave us all in a neo-fascist world government.

At least, that’s the sort of thing you’ll see hypothesized in the fever swamp that is the “alternative news” blogosphere, where sites with names like “Conspiracy Planet” and “DarkGovernment” warn that Monsanto is “America’s Most Dangerous Criminal,” spearheading a “de-population conspiracy” with the active abetting of the United States government. Of course, paranoia knows no party, but what’s strange about the case of Monsanto — and what sets it apart from the Truther, Bilderberger, and fluoridation legs of the Silly Stool — is that the nutter’s brief against the food giant is co-opted, in broad outline and sometimes in fine detail, by plenty of people in the mainstream American Left.

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