Condemning Monsanto with bad science is dumb


The following is an excerpt.

Did you see the latest indictment of Monsanto making the rounds? It’s a “peer-reviewed” paper in the journal Entropy, co-authored by Anthony Samsel and Stephanie Seneff, blaming glyphosate, the compound in the herbicide Roundup, for virtually all the ills that can befall us.

But here’s the thing — they made it up. Or, all but. They say, “We explain the documented effects of glyphosate and its ability to induce disease, and we show that glyphosate is a ‘textbook example’ of exogenous semiotic entropy: the disruption of homeostasis by environmental toxins.” Exogenous semiotic entropy! That sounds serious. Google it, though, and you find that those three words occur together in only place. This paper. They made it up. At first, I thought the whole thing was one of those jargon-laden academic hoaxes but, alas, it isn’t.

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  • CindyLuwho

    On another subject of what Monsanto does…? Have you heard that controversy? How nice that they found a way to genetically modify a seed so that it’s offspring of seedlings will not produce fruit. That way they control the crops and the profits.

    • kellymbray

      Citation please.