Anti-biotech ETC group launches fight over Kickstarter synthetic biology project

| May 16, 2013

The following is an excerpt of a longer story.

If the biohackers can have a Kickstarter campaign to release their glowtesque synthetic biology plants, then maybe a few sensible folks could mount their own Kickstarter initiative to stuff the genetically engineered genie back in the bottle – or at least ensure it never makes it out of the glowing plant lab. Enter the counter-Kickstarter campaign – the Kickstopper.

ETC Group is now working to set up our own Kickstopper campaign. We will be applying to Kickstarter to mount a publishing project whose aim is to prevent those Synthetic Biology seeds from being mailed around the US.

View the full article here: Kickstopper! Putting a Stop to Synthetic Biology Pollution

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