Conversion of an anti-GMO activist

The following is an edited excerpt.

It’s my 200th blog post and I do have much to celebrate.  The record of how I went from anti-GMO blogger and science-ignorer to pro-science observer is all there in the archives.  I am leaving it there on purpose to show, first hand, how someone can be open to new information, question what they believe, and change.  If you read all the posts, which I don’t expect anyone to actually do, but if you did, you’d notice an unfolding like this:

  1. Fairly neutral beginning.  I meant well.
  2. Close scrutiny of the California Prop 37 election.
  3. Ronnie Cummins in one ear, Jeffrey Smith in the other, a little Mike Adams the health ranger thrown in there with some Johnathon Matthews (GM Watch).
  4. Full fledged anti-GMO dogma for a few months
  5. Wait a minute, I smell a rat – a tumorous Seralini rat …

Read the full story: Celebrating 200!

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Infographic: Here’s where GM crops are grown around the world today

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