Food fight: GM Watch pointedly criticizes GMO reporting by Grist’s Johnson

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Grist food writer Nathanael Johnson. via GM Watch

GM Watch has been critical of Grist’s Nathanael Johnson before, and now the discussion continues, with a new, sharply critical response from GM Watch’s Claire Robinson:

Grist’s new food writer Nathanael Johnson has replied to my deconstruction of the most recent article in his series about GM. He admits he’s wrong but at the same time implies that his willingness to admit this somehow elevates his articles above a “sterile”, “airless” and “robotic” debate. Presumably, he means that those epithets apply to those who point out his mistakes.

But I’ve got news for Johnson. Being wrong on GM as often as he is, ignoring or twisting corrections to support his preconceived views, and in the process misleading the readers of a till now respected publication like Grist, doesn’t make him exciting, creative, or cool. It just makes him an unreliable source.

Read the full, original story here: “Nathanael Johnson: A beacon in the smog?”

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