UK Ecologist: GMOs produce ‘monopoly’ and ‘monoculture’

“My profound fear is that we will all be subjected to a greatly reduced number of mass-produced, unhealthy monocrop foods,” writes Satish Kumar, editor-in-chief of Ecologist magazine. Kumar argues that the dependence on GM crops will lead to a reduction in biodiversity and nutrition, a trend already seen in some non-GM crops.

Already the impact of hybrid seeds is having a devastating effect. For example, there used to be hundreds, if not thousands, of varieties of apple, but the mass production of monocrop varieties such as Golden Delicious, which is neither golden nor delicious, has driven out most of the local varieties that would live up to that name. And you can see the same happening with other kinds of fruit, vegetables, flowers, herbs, grains and pulses.

If this is already the case with hybrid seeds, what will happen if we succumb to GM seeds?

Read the full, original story here: “To GM or not to GM?”


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