Anti-GMO industry launches demonization tour

In response to the impending approval of the genetically modified Arctic Apple, an anti-GMO group-sponsored speaking tour began its 32-city “myth-information campaign” in British Columbia, writes Robert Wager of Vancouver Island University, who has been involved with genetically modified crops for over a decade, with an emphasis in public education. Wager attended the first event in Courtenay, British Columbia, “to see what evidence the speakers would present to convince the audience of the alleged harm from [GM] crops.” The main speaker, a former promoter of GMOs now turned anti-GMO, Dr. Thierry Vrain, cited several papers—which have all been discredited—showing that GMOs cause “all manners of ills.” Dr. Vrain specifically cites two papers that were rejected by the scientific community—one suggesting that GM potatoes caused immune system suppression in rats, and one recently retracted paper suggesting that GM corn caused tumor growth in rats.

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Dr. Vrain also claims a report—not a study—shows correlations between the rise of GM crop cultivation and “a dozen diseases.” The same correlation could equally apply to the rise in organic food consumption, Wager points out, but “every real scientist knows that correlation does not equal causation.”

Read the full, original story here: Letter: Science shows GMOs not dangerous to eat


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