China Food Fight: GMOs in crosshairs as grassroots suspicion of US simmers

The anti-GMO sentiment in China has been gaining traction as many activists “describe their cause as patriotic.” Students looking for ways to show their patriotism often turn to anti-GMO activism, says Li Ning of China Agricultural University. Public outcry against genetically modified food has delayed the commercial release of GM rice and corn that have been developed in China.

Conspiracy theories about American biotech companies taking control of the food supply are rampant, leading many people—including government officials—to oppose GM crops that could lead to higher yields.

Since a change in China’s leadership a year ago, supporters of GM food inside the government and among the public have begun fighting back. Chinese media reported that 61 senior academics, in a “rare concerted effort,” had petitioned the government to speed up commercialization of GM crops. The government is also hosting public events to curb concerns.

Read the full, original story: China’s Fierce Public Debate Over GM Food Exposes Concerns About America

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