Congress could be next GMO labeling battleground

| | December 18, 2013

After the defeat of GMO labeling initiatives in Washington this fall and California last year, proponents are looking for the next battleground in their fight to require labeling for genetically modified foods.

That next battleground could be the floor of the United States Congress. The high-profile campaigns in Washington and California have given the issue national attention, which has given advocates a sense of momentum and opponents new battlegrounds.

While lawmakers haven’t demonstrated an appetite for acting on GMO labels, at least one food industry group that fought the Washington state proposition has begun talking to members.

At the same time, some labeling efforts have gotten traction in Congress. This year, Sen.Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., introduced a labeling bill that has 14 co-sponsors. A companion bill on the House side, introduced by Rep. Peter A. DeFazio, D-Ore., has 48 co-sponsors.

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  • Tony

    it is not GMOs that worry me it is the poisons they spray on our food crops that end up inside us all either thru ingesting,breathing or drinking.

    • Tony, those “poisons” are called pesticides and they are used by organic and conventional farmers alike. They are the reason that food is so bountiful and they we are not living like cavemen. Judiciously used pesticides and herbicides are essential for modern agriculture and are harmless to humans, when used properly. And some GMO crops, such as the Bt varieties, have resulted in a dramatic drop in the spraying of pesticides…good for humans; good for nature.

      • Tony

        almost all poisons used in GMO’s were developed in WW2 to kill people. We are killing the soil honey bees and any future we have with the toxic waste ending in waters and the people that eat them

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