Deconstructing the debate over GM Arctic Apples

The Arctic Apple is not yet on the market. It’s currently under approval in Canada and the US. If approved, it will be one of the very first genetically modified fruits to hit the market. It is being made by a small company in British Columbia, Canada, called Okanagan Specialty Fruits, so there has been no involvement of “big Ag” in the development of the Arctic Apple. The technology for the non-browning apples will be patented and owned by the company.

So, why non-browning apples? I thought it was a pretty odd choice and seemed like a cosmetic, “first-world” issue. But the Arctic Apple’s website highlights the fact that a lot more places would use apples if they didn’t brown and that a lot of apples are thrown out. I never pick up a bruised apple at the grocery store. If you consider that groceries generally display their best produce, it leaves you wondering how many bruised apples were discarded from the farm to the store.

Read the full, original article: A look into non-browning Apples or Arctic Apples


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