Five reasons why you sound crazy when denouncing GMOs

(1) Words and linguistic distinction matters. There is a tendency to either ignore, mutilate or warp the meaning of terms like “research,” “evidence,” and “skeptical criticism.”

(2) Unsubstantiated claims. Instead of me copying or rewording points and counterpoints previously stated, I would like to direct you to a very informative article that disabuses the common notions associated with anti-GMO advocates. goes over five key assertions made by the supporters of flawed anti-GMO propaganda, including “GMOs are unhealthy” and “GMOs harm the environment.”

(3) Actual Scientists (not Google Masters) co-sign its usefulness and safety. The credentials and unanimous confirmatory votes of scientific-based organizations like the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the World Health Organization, the National Academy of Sciences, the Royal Society of Medicine and the European Commission speak volumes.

(4) No food is 100% safe. Remember the listeria crisis in 2008 (23 deaths), the e.coli incident in 2012 and the organic sprouts issue from an organic farm in Germany which affected almost 4000 people and killing 53 others? Well, here’s an undeniable truth – there is no documented evidence of harm to human health or deaths from consumption of GM foods since they were introduced to the market two decades ago. GM crops and GM foods have been the most heavily tested food products in the history of our regulatory system.


(5) Don’t forget independent studies. This information provided by Biology Fortified and is but a partial list independently-funded studies on genetically engineered crops. You want evidence from actual testing and research, here it is. Also, there is an extended listing here. The consensus is the same – GMOs A-ok.

Don’t be silly, folks. Being skeptical is a very good thing, however, being uninformed and basing opinion on a hunch, falling prey to the seductive trance of bad science, conspiratorial notions or New Age mumbo-jumbo is the antithesis of skepticism.

Read the full, original article: Top 5 Reasons Why You Sound Crazy When You Denounce GMOs

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