Privacy, security concerns still not resolved in for large scale genome sequencing

Medicine will be revolutionised in the 21st century, thanks largely to our increasing understanding and collection of genetic data.

Genetic data is information pertaining to part or all of your genome: the DNA structure that makes you you. This is translated into a massive string of letters—approximately six billion characters in length—that can reveal all sorts of things about you.

So for all its benefits, there are still serious concerns around genetic data that need to be handled before we all jump on the genome band wagon. How will the data be stored? Who will be able to access it? What security will be in place?

When I was recently at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, I asked an expert panel what problems we were likely to see as genetic data proliferates. I was given an answer that equated to “We don’t know.” Unsatisfied, I decided to look into some of the issues myself.

Read the full, original story: The Genome’s Big Data Problem

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