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Love organic Ruby Red grapefruit? Created by ‘atomic breeding’, anti-GMOers oppose labeling

| | October 10, 2014
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Groups like March Against Monsanto continually share information that is not based on actual evidence, and it’s despicable how low they will stoop. Someone tested this idea, to find out just how low their low road goes. The results make Monsanto look like angels.

Consider the ongoing willful ignorance of mutation breeding, aka “atomic gardening.” “Angry citizens demand to know what is in their food… unless it is mutation bred, then not so much.”

The less-safe breeding method, “mutation breeding,” is already being used increasingly more without regulation or safety studies and with the same goals in mind for crops. Why does mutation breeding get a free pass? If we stopped Monsanto from using biotechnology, their goals would remain the same and they would just use the less safe process to get there.

While the demonizing of biotechnology and conventional farming has launched organic sales through the roof, Monsanto is also enjoying increased organic seed sales. Measure P stands to further stigmatize biotechnology which will further increase the use of mutation breeding, which is the breeding method most likely to produce unintended consequences. And it won’t hurt Monsanto a bit.

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Funny, the right-to-know folks are usually the least informed about mutation breeding. Why don’t they label it? What are they hiding? Where are the safety tests? What about mutant-bred crops contaminating other crops? Herbicide tolerance has been developed with traditional breeding and mutation breeding too! If you are against herbicide resistance, then fine, but it does not make sense to be against the breeding method. The silence I repeatedly get on the subject of mutation breeding is worthy of scorn; it reveals a lack of integrity from the “anti” movement. It reduces their concerns to an absurdity, so they have to ignore this.

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