Why Chobani reversed course, making yoghurt only from milk from cows not fed GMO grain

| | October 24, 2014

At the beginning of the year, I reported that Whole Foods had stopped selling Chobani yogurt over a spat the grocery store had with the Greek yogurt brand’s use of milk from animals eating genetically modified feed.

The spat went a little like this: Whole Foods only wanted to sell organic or non-GMO Greek yogurt. Chobani produces all of its Greek yogurt with milk from conventionally raised cows. Those cows were eating genetically engineered feed. Whole Foods seems to be under the impression that animal byproducts from an animal that has eaten GMO feed is also GMO. (Yes, under that same logic you and me and anyone that has ever eaten GMO food is now a GMO.) Whole Foods asked Chobani to source its product elsewhere so it was GMO-free. Chobani refused.

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Hamdi Ulukaya, the founder of Chobani, stated that he wasn’t interested in sourcing GMO-free milk for his yogurt, because the price would be through the roof. He would rather sell nutritious food to everyone over selling the same product with pricier ingredients to fewer people.

In a complete 180 degree turn, Chobani has stepped back from that lofty and honorable goal. Early this month, Chobani announced that it was partnering with Green America. Together, the company and organization will look into options of sourcing Chobani’s milk from animals not fed GMO feed.

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6 thoughts on “Why Chobani reversed course, making yoghurt only from milk from cows not fed GMO grain”

  1. Whole Foods can’t be such a huge percentage of Chobani’s sales that they should even worry about pleasing them. If Walmart were banning them, I can see it, but Whole Foods? I’d say “Screw them”.

  2. Smart. They’re “looking into options”. They should keep doing this for a few years until the public shifts its attention to some other nutritional non issue to avoid thinking about simple self-disciplined eating and exercise.

  3. @Brent BT
    You are completely right, they haven’t done anything except a bit of green wash and use of weasel words: “will look into options”. Nice work Chobani’s PR company.

  4. Thanks for the heads-up. Our family will now avoid Chobani yogurt, and will intentionally choose other brands that are not involved with these crass marketing campaigns. We don’t patronize hole foods for this reason.

  5. I my self am a woman who has personally tried to be healthy and loose weight. Only recently have I been able to start loosing weight. The only difference is that I have cut out GMO foods. Just by cutting these and preservitives from my dite I have melted off weight. This is concerning. The things that companies put in out foods, and what effects they are having on our boddies.

  6. Of course I will now stop buying Chobani yogurt and look for a brand that will expressly use GMO sourced feed for its cows- after all cheaper is always better! Oh wait – buying GMO products directs money directly into one company or a very few companies pocket since all seeds are purchased from the owner of the patent. Rather than supporting diversified crops and family farms- I can depend on one company to supply, especially if they have connections in the FDA to approve and fast track their products! A monopoly – even better! How could this get any more lofty and honorable! So excited by this article.

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