Study: GMO labels won’t deter consumers

Food and biotechnology giants fighting against mandatory labeling of genetically engineered food (commonly known as GMOs) claim that it would have consumers fleeing their products. But the evidence just doesn’t back that up.

In fact, multiple studies have actually shown the opposite: For better or worse, labels have little effect on consumer behavior.

In a recently published study, agricultural economists Jayson Lusk and Marco Costanigro sought to find out whether consumers who see a GMO label on a product would be more concerned about it than shoppers who see the same product without the label.

The result?


Lusk and Costanigro found that “there was no consistent statistically significant difference in the average level of concern for GMOs expressed by people shown different labels. That is, the mere presence of the GMO label did not lead to a greater level of concern about GMOs.”

Read full, original article: GMO Labels Don’t Scare Away Shoppers

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