GMO free water? A product you’ve been ‘dying’ for

12 thoughts on “GMO free water? A product you’ve been ‘dying’ for”

      • From the book Chemistry, by Keith Hutton: “[c]ertain simple compounds of carbon, such as carbonates, oxides of carbon, carbon disulphide, and carbides are usually treated in inorganic chemistry.”

        • I checked a dictionary. It gives both my definition and yours: (1) : of, relating to, or containing carbon compounds (2) :
          relating to, being, or dealt with by a branch of chemistry concerned
          with the carbon compounds of living beings and most other carbon

  1. Maybe it’s time for someone to take this seriously and try marketing GMO Enriched Water:

    “We’ve designed our water for high tonal absorption capabilities. Before each bottle leaves our labs, they will each spend 1 full day in seven separate sound rooms. As a result, each 6.4-mole, 108 gram dose of GMOH2O is sufficiently tonally rich for a full 7-chakra recharge in less than 8 oz’s of water. Just remember, 1 gram of water for each prayer bead.

    Refresh your thirst, revive your chakras in one quick glass of GMOH2O — ultra rich in vitamin PL(A)C-Bo.

    Proceeds could go towards replenishing the Monsanto Shill Fund.

  2. I know someone whose brother-in-law or something is looking for suck. . . I mean, investors for this very thing. I read through the brochure; it’s comedy gold.

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