Homeopathic remedies are just water – so how did this sex-enhancing ‘treatment’ get peer reviewed and published?

Chu et al. studied the effectiveness of a compound called Impaza, which they hoped would enhance erectile function in male ...

Viewpoint: Organic vs GMO debate distracts from real food security issues

.... For several years now, GMOs and organic have consumed America’s attention. It isn’t our interest in these topics that is ...
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15 years after debuting GMO crops, Colombia’s switch has benefited farmers and environment

GM crops saved water, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and provided farmers and the rest of Colombia with a variety of ...
water is life

Water: California drought yet water bottles everywhere

Humanity's future depends on how we manage our interactions with water. This takes the form of how we package it, ...
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GMO free water? A product you’ve been ‘dying’ for

Non-GMO, gluten-free, organic water!  ...
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