Chef Tom Colicchio weighs in against the ‘DARK act’

It’s not surprising that as a chef, I want to know what I am feeding my customers. It’s also not surprising that as a father, I want to know what I am feeding my family. What is surprising is that some in Congress are working so hard to keep consumers like me in the dark as to what’s in the food we eat.

More and more consumers are taking an interest in the ingredients in the products they buy from the grocery store, including whether or not the food contains genetically modified organisms.

In a recent national survey, more than 90% of Americans favor GMO labeling. We should all be cheered by the fact that consumers want to be more knowledgeable about the foods they eat. That’s why it’s so disturbing that instead of making it easier for consumers to understand what’s in the food they are buying, there are some in Congress who are actively trying to deny us the basic right to know what we are putting in our bodies.

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This week, the U.S. House of Representatives will consider a bill (H.R. 1599), authored by Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.), that would not only limit the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s ability to develop a national GMO labeling system — but would even block states from enacting GMO labeling laws.

U.S. companies have been separating GMO grain and non-GMO grain for decades to comply with the needs of export markets, meaning no additional processes would be required. Additionally, companies change labels all the time, and a simple statement on the back of the food package will not cause sudden demand for non-GMO foods.

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