Effective science communication, personal engagement changes anti-GMO bloggers mind

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I used to be an anti-GMO blogger. I was helping to save the world from what I perceived  to be the reason for the so-called proliferation of modern illness.

My brother had just died of brain cancer. I was looking for answers and I wanted to stand for something.  My generalized fear of GMOs and the 2012 California Prop 37 campaign all converged at the right time and I jumped into blog activism with both feet.

After several months of being a good soldier for the cause, I came in direct contact with Dr. Folta. A blog comment here, an email there turned into spirited communication between the two of us.

Folta took the time to chat with me over email and appeal to my sense of reason and intellect.  He wondered was I truly willing to look at what the evidence showed?

He answered specific questions – about Roundup Ready seeds, glyphosate resistance, the Bt trait.  (Our three-part Q & A is herehere & here).  He challenged my way of thinking in a profound way – like a bug crawling around in my ear.  It was annoying!

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But I was beginning to experience an internal shift – my mind opening. Dr. Folta was able to steer me round to recognizing that long held beliefs aren’t facts.  They feel like and inform our decisions very much like facts but they are not facts. I did some some serious soul searching and realized I had to change my position. Peruse this blog and you will see the whole story unfold through my posts.  I left all of it as a testament to my journey.

I have been hated by anti-GMO types ever since.  They think Monsanto pays me. They hurl insults at me.

But when someone teaches you something profound, you don’t ever forget it.

Read full, original post:  Here a shill. There a shill. Everywhere a shill-shill

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