Ghana faces biotech research, funding crisis

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Dr. Marian D. Quain, a molecular biologist and genetic engineer at the Crop Science and Research Institution-Crop Research Institute (CSIR-CRI), has said the CRI has no funds to undertake research work in their field as research scientists.

According to her, Ghana, as a country, relies on research from other countries to undertake our developmental agendas. The occasion was the opening ceremony of a four-day workshop, organised under the auspices of the CSRI-Crop Research Institute (CRI) and Tukegee University at CSIR- CRI at the biotechnology Centre in Fumesua near Ejisu.

The workshop was under the theme: “Introducing basic biotechnology teaching techniques in high school in sub-Saharan Africa-Ghana-phase 2”. She bemoaned why Ghana has to borrow technologies from other country to do ours, which might not synchronise with our system, accusing the country of copying blindly. “We copy blindly”, she stressed.

Addressing science teachers about the objective of the of the four-day workshop, the Molecular Biologist, indicated that the programme intends to identify specific gaps for the effective teaching of Biotechnology and Genomics in senior high schools in Ghana.

On the number of scientists in Ghana, she indicated that there are about 70, a situation, she noted, is meager, according to Ghana’s population.

Quain noted that the program intends to encourage modern biotechnology discussions at the high schools science clubs to raise students’ interest. She noted “that the workshop is to empower beneficiaries to make informed decisions on modern biotechnology issues.”

Dr. Regina Sagoe admonished all and sundry to be educated in understanding what biotechnology entails, and urged the participants to take a keen interest in the workshop, and enjoy the teaching to appreciate biotechnology.

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