Tide turning against activists with approval of GMO salmon, apple?

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Public health and environmental groups appear to be losing the fight to keep food with genetically modified ingredients off the dinner table.

The FDA handed the biotechnology industry another win this week when it deemed a genetically engineered Atlantic salmon safe to eat and denied a petition from the Center for Food Safety to issue mandatory labeling rules. . . .

The industry-backed Coalition for Safe and Affordable Food (CFSAF), which has spent millions on efforts to block the mandatory labeling of GMOs, called consumers the big winners.

“Common sense and science prevailed when the House passed a uniform, national labeling standard bill,” CFSAF Spokeswoman Claire Parker said. “And other recent decisions, such as the approval of GE salmon, demonstrate that biotechnology is proven and holds great promise for ensuring consumer access to safe, affordable food.”

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Anti-GMO groups vehemently refute any claims they’re losing ground in the battle to keep genetically engineered foods out of the consumer space.

“It’s important to remember that since 1997, almost 18 years, through market campaigns we’ve been able to halt genetically engineered tomatoes and potatoes, and the commercialization of genetically engineered wheat and rice,” said Andrew Kimbrell, founder and executive director of the Center for Food Safety.

After years of research and investment, he said,the only genetically engineered animal industry has been able to come up with is this “pathetic fish.”

“I think it’s the technology that’s in trouble,” he said.

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