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Politics, science and the coronavirus under the Trump Administration: Fauci outlines pattern of censorship and interference

Politics, science and the coronavirus under the Trump Administration: Fauci outlines pattern of censorship and interference

Tal Axelrod | 
[Infectious disease expert Anthony] Fauci recounted on “The Rachel Maddow Show” on [January 22] that officials under former President Trump ...
It’s okay to mix Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines in ‘exceptional circumstances’, says CDC

It’s okay to mix Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines in ‘exceptional circumstances’, says CDC

Tal Axelrod | 
[The CDC] updated its guidance on the coronavirus vaccines in circulation, green-lighting doctors to mix shots from Pfizer and Moderna ...
gottlieb getty

FDA wars: Former FDA chief Scott Gottlieb challenges current head Stephen Hahn on fast-tracking COVID vaccine, predicts mid-2021 rollout

Rebecca Klar | 
[Former FDA] Commissioner Scott Gottlieb is questioning FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn’s comments about fast-tracking a coronavirus vaccine, stating that a full approval of a ...
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Gene drives: How do we foster innovation without damaging ecosystems?

Michael Montague | 
.... [G]ene drive technology has fundamentally added the ability of humans to modify wild organisms, not only domesticated organisms. With ...
wheatfarmer lead

Agriculture is ‘ecocide’? Third-generation farmer takes on environmental objections to modern food production

Zippy Duvall | 
When times are tough and people are struggling, we tend to look for someone to blame. The op-ed “Link between ...
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Viewpoint: World Health Organization, China must be held accountable for ‘recklessly managing’ coronavirus pandemic

Bradley Thayer, Lianchao Han | 
The World Health Organization (WHO) [March 11] finally declared the coronavirus from China that rapidly spread across the world a pandemic ...
raw milk

US Senate coalition petitions FDA to end marketing of plant-based ‘imposter products’ as dairy

Sylvan Lane | 
A bipartisan group of senators is calling on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to end the labeling of plant-based ...
Screen Shot at AM

EPA proposal to roll back animal testing and ‘cut unnecessary research’ gains backing from PETA

Miranda Green | 
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says it plans to reduce the use of pesticide testing on birds as part of ...

Congressional Democrats push EPA to defend expanded approval of controversial pesticide sulfoxaflor

Rebecca Beitsch | 
Oregon Democrats are asking the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to defend its decision to expand the use of a pesticide ...
d ffb image

‘Please forgive me’: Founder of Hope for Wholeness conversion therapy group now says he is gay

Jessica Campisi | 
The founder of one of the nation’s largest conversion therapy programs, who spent decades leading the organization, now says he ...

DNA testing companies launch privacy ‘coalition’ to protect consumer data

Alex Gangitano | 
Genetic testing companies are forming a new coalition on best practices for handling DNA information and to promote the industry ...

Viewpoint: We don’t need another study to convince us that gene-edited babies are a bad idea

Katie Hasson | 
He [Jiankui] attempted to disable a gene called CCR5 by producing a variant that has been shown to confer resistance ...
Screen Shot at PM

Viewpoint: FDA plan to treat gene-edited animals like ‘walking drugs’ will stifle agricultural innovation

Gordon Spronk | 
Nov. 3 marked One Health Day ( – an international campaign to recognize the importance of a broad, trans-disciplinary approach ...

Viewpoint: Federal regulators should clamp down on ‘misleading’ non-GMO advertising

Dean McGrath | 
For a long time, American consumers .... could read a food label or product advertisement and trust that the information ...
franz lake nwr

Regulators reverse Obama-era ban on GMOs, neonicotinoid pesticides in wildlife refuges

Miranda Green | 
The Interior Department announced plans [August 3rd] to reverse a rule that banned the use of pesticides in national wildlife ...

Viewpoint: USDA made right decision to not over-regulate CRISPR gene-edited crops

Daniel Kelley | 
The future of farming just got a lot brighter. On March 28, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue announced that his department ...
The American Chestnut Tree

Viewpoint: ‘Circumventing evolution’ with genetically modified trees puts ecosystems at risk

That many forests in the United States are suffering health crises is not in question. Much of this troubling condition, ...
brain in alzheimers disease zephyr

Viewpoint: We need strong federal funding to tackle brain disorders

Richard Huganir | 
Because of breakthroughs like those of the Human Genome Project, and the development of new scientific tools and techniques, we ...
Screen Shot at PM

Recombinetics joins battle over whether USDA or FDA should oversee gene-edited animal regulations

Tammy Stanoch | 
Editor's note: Tammy Lee Stanoch is the president & CEO of Recombinetics, an animal gene-editing company based in St. Paul, Minnesota ...

Viewpoint: How the EU’s protectionist anti-GMO trade policy hurts US farmers

Bernard Goldstein | 
Editor’s note: Bernard Goldstein, MD is a professor emeritus and dean emeritus at the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of ...
gmo label vpr masterson e

Bernie Sanders, 10 Senate Democrats push USDA for ‘consumer-friendly’ GMO label

Lydia Wheeler | 
Senate Democrats are pushing the Agriculture Department to create a labeling standard for products made with genetically modified organisms (GMO) that ...

Democratic lawmakers push for stricter GMO labeling

Sumner Park | 
In a recent letter to Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue, twenty-two House Democrats urged the department to finalize a federal rule ...
Screen Shot at AM

Chipotle got rid of food with ‘scary-sounding chemicals’—So why are customers getting sick?

Joseph Perrone | 
[Editor's note: Joseph Perrone is the Chief Science Officer at the Center for Accountability in Science.] [Spring 2017], Chipotle reinforced its ...
law label

Opinion: USDA ‘should rely upon science and facts’ to update GMO regulations

Paul Enríquez | 
[Paul Enríquez is a lawyer and scientist currently doing research in structural and molecular biochemistry at North Carolina State University.] ...
eucalyptus trees

Anti-GMO groups pressure USDA to not approve eucalyptus trees engineered to withstand freezing temperatures

Lydia Wheeler | 
Groups are urging the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) not to green light the commercial growth of a genetically engineered ...
Screen Shot at AM

Former agriculture secretary Tom Vilsack: Environment benefits when farmers plant GMO

Tom Vilsack | 
[Editor's note: Tom Vilsack is a former agriculture secretary under President Obama and currently serves as President and CEO of the U.S ...
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Our food system isn’t broken, it’s flourishing — and GMO crops are a big reason why

Randy Krotz | 
[Editor's note: Randy Krotz is CEO of the US Farmers & Ranchers Alliance.] Activists and others [say] the food system [is] broken, ...
iStock Full x

Should US spend more on agricultural R&D to make food cheaper, more sustainable?

[Editor's note: Margaret Zeigler is executive director of the Global Harvest Initiative, a private-sector voice for productivity growth throughout the agricultural ...
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