Hershey’s GMO-free candy will hurt American farmers


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Exciting news, candy lover! Your Kit Kat will now contain sucrose molecules from Latin America instead of Minnesota.

That’s right, an anti-GMO group has been hard at work,. . . For two years, they unleashed a cabal of angry Facebookers and Tweeters to tell Hershey’s that they better “Break up with GMOs” or else! And break up Hershey’s did, meaning they’re dumping American sugar in favor of imported sugar.

For decades, some Hershey’s candy has been made with sugar derived from a sugar beet. The sugar is the same as cane sugar, meaning it’s just sucrose, however the beet itself is grown from a seed that is considered a “GMO” so people who are scared of GMOs/sell organic stuff had to go on the attack and bully companies like Hershey’s to stop using it.

. . . .

It’s fun to imagine the meeting where the candy executives try to figure out how to handle the pressure. After all, they acknowledge that GMOs are perfectly safe so it must have been a tough decision to jilt American farmers.

. . . .

Well done, GMO Inside! You and your minions have successfully risked the financial future of 10,000 sugar beet farmers so that a Hershey Bar will still be a Hershey Bar. . . .now Hershey’s can market it as “gmo-free” and give it a little health halo. Excellent work. . . .

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Can you really make the case that importing sugar from Latin America is somehow more environmentally sound than sugar from Minnesota? GMO Inside certainly isn’t delusional enough to think that all sugarcane plantations are run by benevolent leprechauns who use fairy dust to kill weeds. . . .

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  • Truth Seeker

    I’m happy to see the switch to cane sugar, simply because beet sugar is garbage and contains detectable levels of sulfur. Cane sugar does not, and it’s quite frankly a better sugar to use. I could not care less about GMOs.

    • Good4U

      If you seek the truth then you should have found out (long ago) that cane sugar is extremely detrimental to the environment, whereas beet sugar is not. You failed to find the truth. Keep looking.

      • Dominick Dickerson

        What does he care?

        The environmental degradation of the tropics inorder to appease his taste for chemically identical sugar is just another externalized cost to him.

  • CarnivalJustice

    Could it be that Hershey’s has the foresight to see where GMO Labeling (despite the well financed bullying tactics by organizations like the GMA on individual consumers/states/startups) is headed? The GMO industry should begin to expect a massive backlash to its oppressive moves to stomp out consumer rights. Right now it seems the only country wrapping its arms around GMOs is China with the recent Syngenta deal — interesting, right?

    The shame is the policies towards Puerto Rico/Vieques by Big Sugar companies that literally destroyed a ripe source for pseudo-localized/affordable non-gmo sugar from a U.S. Territory.

    • Jason

      Right now it seems the only country wrapping its arms around GMOs is China with the recent Syngenta deal — interesting, right?

      You seem a bit misinformed. Global acreage of GMO crops has gone up every single year since it’s introduction. China is a recent example, but there are far more countries embracing this technology.

    • Dominick Dickerson

      I don’t know where you’re getting your information but China is far from the only country “wrapping its arms around GMOs”. For example Uganda and Bangladesh are actively pursuing many types of GE crops as are a great many other nations.

      The only country with an implacable opposition to genetic engineering that I can think of is Russia, and they’ve never been known for their sound agricultural policies.

  • Dominick Dickerson

    Forget the implications regarding sugar, opposition to genetic engineering is holding back cacao production as well.

    There are several promising biotech solutions to devastating fungal diseases of cacao that aren’t being explored because companies like Hershey’s would rather kowtow to ignorance and feamongering than stand steadfast with modern science.

  • Warren Lauzon

    One thing that everyone seems to have missed here is that supposedly they will source all the cane sugar from South America. Anyone want to guess how many thousands of hectares of rain forest will have to be slashed and burned to make way for the new cane fields.?

    • RevDr. Robert Foster, AbC, EfG

      Too many.

    • ???

      Yeah. Thats why i did not became vegan: most soy around is just shit planted on burnt-down rainforests with the dead apes still laying under that soil. But i do not trust glyphosphate either. My dad has done research. The results were… Shocking.

  • ???

    Hey, i’m not afraid of the GMO, no way. I am afraid of RoundUp (glyphosphate). My father, which has studied Biology on European University niveau, and Chemics on European Academy niveau, scientifically states that, during the process of plants having this poison in them, the glyphosphate will break down into multiple, way more dangerous chemicals. However, there are ecological herbicides around, extract from Ailanthus Altisssima for example, it kills all kinds of weeds but does not kill crops, thanks to a special hormon structure that only affects certain plant families.