GMO opponents so ‘disgusted’ with GMOs that evidence will never change their minds

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As the psychologists Sydney E. Scott, Yoel Inbar, and Paul Rozin point out in a new paper in Perspectives on Psychological Science (draft PDF available here):

First, we find that a majority of the 64% of American participants who oppose GM can be described as moral absolutists. These individuals indicate that they would maintain their opposition for any balance of risks and benefits; that is, they profess to be evidence insensitive. Second, GM opponents, especially absolutist opponents, tend to feel heightened disgust, both generally and regarding the consumption of genetically modified foods specifically. Finally, disgust and disgust sensitivity predict support for legal restrictions of GM above and beyond explicit risk-benefit assessments.

The results suggest … a representative slice of the American population are pretty specifically indicating that they’re not interested in hearing the pro- or neutral-GMO case, because they are so disgusted by the prospect of putting GM foods in their bodies.

Read full, original post: Why Many GMO Opponents Will Never Be Convinced Otherwise

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