GMO labeling deal sparks organic industry infighting

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The blame-game was in full swing . . . in the aftermath of the GMO labeling deal announced by U.S. Sens. Pat Roberts and Debbie Stabenow as embittered organic, consumer and environmentalist groups who want mandatory labeling struggled for a cohesive strategy to oppose the deal many have dubbed a “dream” for the food and biotech agriculture industries. . . .

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But . . . A large share of the anger is being directed at the influential Organic Trade Association (OTA), which signed off on the deal despite the fact that many leading organic businesses and groups. . . [wanted] on-package labeling. The . . . proposed bill contains several provisions favorable for the organic industry, which . . . benefits from a lack of clear GMO labeling – consumers who want to avoid GMOs know they can do that simply by purchasing organic products.

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The deal has . . . also blown wide open deep divisions running through the U.S. organic industry itself. . . .

It was the “organic elite,” and leadership at the OTA, that agreed to the new labeling deal, not the ‘authentic’ side, industry players said this week.

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