Stem cell therapy shows promise in toddler with Down syndrome

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A three-year-old baby — born with Down syndrome and having subnormal motor skills — has shown improvement after undergoing stem cell treatment at a hospital [at New Delhi, says doctors.] [While Down syndrome is incurable], stem cell experts have reached a conclusion that stem cell treatment can lead to some improvement giving better life even if no permanent cure can be promised.

Following diagnosis of Down syndrome and subnormal motor skills, the patient was shown to a city-based stem cell expert.

According to the doctor, the patient underwent two sessions of stem cell therapy of which the first session lasted approximately three months.

“By the end of three months, the muscle tone was better in all limbs. He (patient) had started babbling and crawling. He was social and was able to recognize his near ones after the first session,” said Geeta Shroff, stem cell expert with city-based Nutech Mediworld.

According to Shroff, the results and improvements have shown that the new medical technology has the potential to replace damaged neurons, re-establish lost axonal connections, and provide treatment for various neural and congenital disorders.

[Study can be found here.]

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