Maui versus Monsanto: Battle over GMOs in Hawaii rages on

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No one would be surprised if a presidential election or a decisive senate race held the title of most expensive election by voter in American history. This distinction, however, belongs to a relatively unknown 2014 ballot initiative in Maui County, Hawaii known as the Maui County Genetically Modified Organism Moratorium Initiative.

The referendum proposed a moratorium on the growth of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in Maui. The debates in the run-up to Election Day were contentious. On one side of the debate stood an American industrial titan: Monsanto. On the other side were Hawaiian citizens who believed that the initiative was key to the preservation of native Hawaiian culture. … In the end, the Yes camp calling for a moratorium on GMOs won a narrow victory. However, the ballot measure’s result was struck down the next day in federal court.

More than two years after the public referendum, the battle continues. Monsanto has gone to great lengths to ensure that the federal injunction stays in the courts and has invested large amounts of money in elections in Maui county. Similarly, local organizers, led by Maui County Councilman Alika Atay, have upped the pressure on Monsanto. Cochran hopes that a GMO ban is in Maui’s future, but says that she does not see a resolution in the immediate future.

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