Masters of everything: Should humankind look to colonize the universe?


Humanity is already exploring outer space; give us a few billion more years of technological progress and we can probably colonize much of the universe…[I]t is small-time to make just the world a better place. The real opportunity lies in making the universe a better place.

[C]onsider a Dyson swarm, which is a series of structures that a civilization could place around a star to collect its radiation. If humanity builds a Dyson swarm around the sun, we could get a billion times more energy than from Earth…However much good we may be able to do by making the world a better place is utterly dwarfed by making the universe a better place.

You might wonder, do we really need to do all this? Does humanity really play such a crucial role in the universe?

[W]e can’t count on some other civilization pulling it off. There may be no extraterrestrials, and other Earth species might never evolve into something like humans…For all we know, humanity could be the universe’s only chance to become something better than its current, mostly lifeless state.

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