Liberal awakening: Ignorance of GMO science has no ideology

| | June 1, 2017

[Emily Thorne is a 17-year-old aspiring journalist from Athens, Georgia.]

For a long time, I was part of the anti-GMO movement. It wasn’t until I took a class about global political and social challenges that I learned about sustainable agriculture, including genetic modification and what that really entails. I then scoffed at my past self for having subscribed to the myths against GMOs, assuming that this anti-science stance was probably a conservative idea since right-leaning people are much more likely than the liberal left to deny climate change. I wondered how I had fallen for something touted by the party I view as backwards — but then I did some simple research.

I was surprised to realize that it’s actually almost equally conservatives and liberals perpetuating anti-science falsehoods against GMOs.

GMOs simply aren’t dangerous, and many people who advocate against them don’t even know what they are or how they’re made:

To clear up the misinformation circulating out there, genetic modification is a breeding process where engineers identify, isolate, and tag a small piece of DNA containing a gene that codes for a specific trait, such as large size or resistance to infection. Then, they copy and insert it into the genome of another organism of that species....

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  • WeGotta

    Truth awakenig: The ideology of GMO science has no ideology

    For a long time I thought something until I learned something else. Then I felt bad about what I used to think because I now thought something different.

    I assumed that alignment with a specific ideology would protect against falling into ideology but was wrong.

    Then I assumed all people who were against gmo were ideological but felt bad again once I learned some other stuff.
    Then I learned that science can be an ideology too. For instance, I found out that things science says are “safe” could still cause me harm.

    Now I think for myself.

    • FarmersSon63

      You feel much more comfortable letting your personal emotions pull more weight than science.

      • WeGotta

        If you feel more comfortable about science you are still basing your decision on emotions (feelings).

        Emotions are derived from thoughts. So to control emotions one must control the thoughts which bring them about.

        I prefer to practice techniques which strengthen our most valuable tool, the mind.
        Our thoughts literally create our personal universe.

        An angry and fearful person will use tools (like science) differently than would someone who is happy and completely satisfied.

        No one can make you take control of your own thoughts. You must do it yourself.

        It’s well worth the effort.

        • FarmersSon63

          Share one peer reviewed feeding study that concluded GMO’s are unsafe.
          Or how about one scientifically confirmed illness or death from consuming GMO’s.
          Now let your rant begin with no science and all emotions.

          • WeGotta

            Show me one peer reviewed study that concluded peer review studies concluding the safety of things means you will never be harmed by them.

            The evidence is clear that scientific consensus regarding the safety of things has been wrong many times resulting in harm.
            Best to avoid things in proportion to how strongly the people who profit from those things tell you “it’s safe”.

          • FarmersSon63

            So you not only can’t provide one, you deflect to yet another meaningless statement.

          • WeGotta

            You: this picture I’m looking at clearly shows no crack in the glass.

            Me: I’m looking at the glass now, there’s obviously a crack.

            You: don’t deflect with meaningless statements.

          • FarmersSon63

            Name one confirmed illness or poisoning in 20 years.
            It is your head that is cracked.

          • WeGotta

            There are no 20 year studies hypocrite.

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