25 environmental benefits of GMO sugar? Industry launching 'fresh look' education campaign

| | August 7, 2017

To try to change consumers’ understanding and perception of GMO crops, the nation’s sugar beet industry is preparing a $4 million online campaign that will launch [fall 2017].


The campaign, “A Fresh Look,” is primarily being financed by Amalgamated Sugar Co. and Western Sugar Co. and will target three large urban areas.

If successful — it will be evaluated after nine months — it will be expanded into a $30 million national campaign, said Grant, chairman of the Snake River Sugar Cooperative’s board of directors.


The campaign will introduce those consumers to some of the 25 environmental benefits of GMO crops that the sugar beet industry documented and submitted to the National Academy of Sciences in 2015, he said.

The use of fewer pesticides and herbicides in GMO crops will be highlighted, Grant said. “We’re going to own that one.”

Doug Jones, executive director of Growers for Biotechnology, which promotes the acceptance of agricultural biotechnology, applauded the campaign.

“The public’s understanding of biotechnology is very low and often misguided,” he said. The campaign won’t change everyone’s mind, but “if they can do something to educate the public, I’m all for it.”

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