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Viewpoint: ‘GMO paranoia’ blocking scientifically sound solutions to food system problems

| | November 2, 2017
scientists shred study that says genetically modified food makes pigs sick
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According to NPR’s All Things Considered, [genetically engineered pigs] could save farmers millions of dollars on heating and food.

This is a win/win situation … except for one thing. Paranoia about GMOs is so strong in the West that slender pigs — and similar innovations that could better the lives of people and other creatures — would probably never be approved in North America or Europe.

Which means we could be missing out on a lot of opportunities to use technology for humanitarian purposes.

When it comes to impeding well-tested genetically modified food and medications (and perhaps soon livestock) that can efficiently cut through much human (and animal) misery and hardship, the vigilance is being taken too far.

There is no scientific evidence that current GM crops have caused a single health problem in humans or animals. Yet they are heavily vilified…. Instead of harnessing the power GM crops offer to help the millions of malnourished people in the world, we spend our time denouncing them for being unnatural and profit-driven.

It’s time to start make scientifically sound decisions about GMOs and putting them to their highest uses, be that feeding the hungry or giving the animals we raise for food a more comfortable and healthy existence.

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