Facts not fear: Science Moms’ documentary debunks common food myths about GMOs, organic farming

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Editor’s note: Sally Kuzemchak, MS, RD, is a registered dietitian, educator, and mom of two 

In the new documentary, Science Moms, they tackle some of the biggest, most controversial issues, including pesticides, GMOs, and vaccines.

Here are five food myths that the film takes on:

MYTH: “Chemical” is a bad word.

FACT: There’s a lot of talk on social media and blogs about “avoiding chemicals”. There are even claims that “no amount of chemical exposure is safe”. But the reality is everything is made of chemicals, even water! And just because a chemical has a long, scary-sounding name doesn’t mean it’s actually scary or dangerous (acetic acid = vinegar).

MYTH: Organic means pesticide-free.

FACT: Though organic farming does not allow the use of synthetic pesticides, it does still permit organic pesticides. And some pesticides allowed in organic farming, such as copper sulfate, have the potential to be toxic as well.

MYTH: GMOs should terrify you.

FACT: Though some parents go to great lengths and cost to avoid GMOs, something that hasn’t been proven to be harmful, some of those same people avoid vaccination, which is proven to prevent diseases that are extremely dangerous and even fatal. And, yes, measles should scare you.

You can watch the trailer of Science Moms here and download the film for $4.99 here. Read the Science Moms’ new blog “SciMoms” here.

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