Impossible Foods hits back at Grub Street article questioning Impossible Burger’s safety

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Credit: Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods is a disruptive company with an urgent mission to make meat better. Mainstream and social media play a critical role in highlighting ways to make the global food system sustainable. But they occasionally get it wrong. That’s when we set the record straight — for instance, on a misleading June 7 op-ed by Clint Rainey at GrubStreet.

First and most important, Rainey failed to mention that Impossible Foods complies with all food-safety regulations everywhere it’s sold. The company’s key ingredient — “heme” — is “generally recognized as safe” as was twice concluded unanimously by a panel of food-safety experts. The company has been in compliance with all federal regulations about food safety since 2014, well before it began selling Impossible Burgers in 2016.

Rainey also implies that Impossible Foods is “quiet” about its use of genetic engineering. Nothing could be further from the truth.


Unlike other companies, we have never hidden or even shied away from the GMO angle. We want to set a new industry standard for transparency, including around the awesome advantages of GMOs. After all, there’s overwhelming scientific consensus about the health and safety of genetically engineered products.

Rainey’s sources are anti-science, anti-GMO fundamentalists, who found a willing vessel in an otherwise credible reporter and news outlet.

Editor’s note: Rachel Konrad is Chief Communications Officer of Impossible Foods


Read full, original post: Setting the record straight: How this snarky op-ed distorts the truth

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