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‘Overblown’ fear of biotech crops hinders scientific progress, Nobel laureates warn

| | December 10, 2018

Winners of this year’s Nobel prize for chemistry say overblown fears about genetically modified foods risk preventing society benefiting from the technology. Prof Frances Arnold, from the US, and Sir Gregory Winter, from Britain, made the comments on [December 7] ….

“We’ve been modifying the biological world at the level of DNA for thousands of years,” Arnold said at a news conference …. “Somehow there is this new fear of what we already have been doing and that fear has limited our ability to provide real solutions” …. Winter said that current regulations on GM needed to be “loosened up.”

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Arnold and Winter were awarded this year’s Nobel prize in chemistry, along with the American scientist George Smith …. Their work led to the development of new fuels and pharmaceuticals ….

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